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Creating employment opportunities in remote and regional communities

There has never been a better time to work in early childhood due to the strong growth of the sector. An increase in the number of children attending the early childhood centres due to a general increase in the demand for childcare makes early childhood one of the most in-demand professions.

A career in early childhood is challenging, stimulating, and rewarding. Early childhood education equips children with the skills and capacity to be effective and engaged learners through to school and beyond. You have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young children by providing quality experiences in early childhood education and care services that are central in developing children’s health, well-being and learning. Education in the early years is crucial for brain and the overall physical, cognitive and language development of children.

Thriving Futures is committed to helping Early Childhood Educators secure a role in an Early Childhood Centre involved in Western Australia – Port Hedland or Newman or in Roxby Downs, South Australia. We are working closely with the centres and have identified a range of educator opportunities for individuals who are either already qualified in the Early Childhood sector or those who are keen to pursue a career in this sector.

Working in partnership with BHP Billiton we are able to offer scholarship opportunities and subsidised training to individuals keen to gain a qualification in Early Childhood and Care. Thriving Futures will support you through your training in order to gain your qualification with a dedicated mentoring program.

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Job Vacancies & Employment Opportunities

We are currently working in partnership with the local early years centres and we have Permanent Full and Part-Time opportunities right now for Cert III and Diploma Qualified Early Childhood Educators in Port Hedland.

We are currently working in partnership with the local early years centres and we have Permanent Full and Part-Time opportunities right now for Cert III and Diploma Qualified Early Childhood Educators in Newman.

Preparation Tips for your interview

The key to landing that perfect job and to perform well at your interview is good research and preparation. The easiest way to get yourself prepared to is review the website for the centre you are interviewing with to get a better understanding of the organisation and the structure of the centre.

The Interview

Interviews are always nerve-wracking for anyone, this is normal. However in order to get you better prepared for your interview we recommend that you prepare some questions that you would like to ask the centre about the job. You also need to be prepared for the questions that an employer may ask you during your interview. Expect that they will ask you questions around any relevant work experience you have, questions around your qualifications, what your strengths and weaknesses are? They may also ask you that if you were in a particular scenario what would you do and how you would handle that situation. It might be worth having some practice role play with someone in preparation for your interview. Think about different experiences you have been faced with and how you handled them and this will help you answer such questions during the interview.

Don’t be worried about taking time to answer a question presented to you during the interview, it is better to think about your answer than rush through your response. It is always a good idea to give specific examples of real life situations you have faced so again try to have some positive examples to talk through if you are asked a question relating to that experience.

Some specific areas that may come up during an interview could include:

  • Programming

  • Team work (within a centre environment)

  • Communication (with parents, children & staff)

  • Patience

  • Dedication

  • Enthusiastic approach

  • Working with children with learning or behavioural difficulties

  • Prioritising workload

At the end of the interview, it is always good to let them know that you are very interested in the role (if you are) and that you look forward to hearing from them in the near future. This will just reaffirm your interest in the position and leaves the interviewer with a positive impression of you.

Resume Template

Useful resources to assist in your job application

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