Meet Jarrod – future Educator in Port Hedland

29 Nov 2022
Meet Jarrod – future Educator in Port Hedland Image

Did you ever think your future career would come from making a new friend at the local Trivia Night? That’s exactly what happened to Jarrod!

Growing up in rural NSW, 2hrs away from Sydney, meant that Jarrod attended a small school of only 110 students. Without too many teachers or older students to turn to, he became a mentor for the younger students from the very start. Watching him grow up, Jarrod’s mum saw his potential as an Educator or a teacher.

Jarrod and his family moved to Port Hedland in 2011.

“The people here are amazing. It’s a good community and the outreach programs the provide support for Indigenous residents are really good too. Programs like Headspace and Thriving Futures are a big part of it.”

When we asked Jarrod how he heard about Thriving Futures, he told us it was a chance meeting between his mum and another TF participant, Tim, at Trivia Night! “They got talking and when Tim told mum what he did, she introduced us straight away. I signed up to Thriving Futures Academy the next week.”

“When I started it was overwhelming. I was a wall bug that just stuck to the side and watched what Tim and everyone else was doing. But the staff here are all amazing and so supportive.”

“I remember I got sick in my first week – I got the flu from one of the children – and Sarah the Centre Director was so positive. I felt so bad because I had just started and I needed 3 days off, but she was really supportive and understanding. I know if I need anything at all she’ll have my back – I’m very grateful.”

“Trina and Connie have been amazing mentors as well. When I first started I’d get messages from Trina every week to see how I was going. It wouldn’t always just be about Thriving Futures either, she would just touch base to see how things were in general. We’ve caught up a few times when she’s been in town as well.”

The flexibility from Thriving Futures has enabled Jarrod to tailor his learning journey in a way to fit exactly what he’s looking for. “I wanted some first-hand experience before flooding my brain with studies; I also find it useful to be able to relate the things I’m learning to real life situations.”

“I want to get all my Certs and Bachelors as well. I want to see how far I can go – I could be a Team Leader or a Director… I could be a thousand things!”

“I’m in a rare position. The children always have mother figures in the centre, but I can be the brother figure for them. Some boys might find it easier to talk to me about something.”

“I love working with kids and watch how they grow – they each have their own personalities.”

“From when they’re babies and grow to become more sentient and independent. The hugs are also amazing.”

We can’t wait to see how far Jarrod takes his Thriving Futures journey!

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Thriving Futures is a BHP-funded workforce development program creating career pathways within the Early Childhood Education and Care sector. A partnership between Child Australia and BHP, Thriving Futures is for Educators with qualifications or for people without qualifications who are seeking a career in the sector.

Thriving Futures attracts and retains a quality childcare workforce through Professional Development, mentoring and wage subsidies/incentives through the Educator Recognition Program. Ensuring quality and sustainability within the sector benefits our families and enables children to reach their full potential.