Professional Development

Whether you’re new to the sector or looking to advance your career, we have professional development opportunities to support you.


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Professional Development Opportunities

Thriving Futures offers free training and guidance that will always be relevant to your studies or future career. All of our consultants are based in Perth, WA or Queensland; but don’t worry – you won’t miss out on regular face-to-face training and mentoring meetings are completely flexible to suit your needs!


Child Australia’s Professional Practice Consultants regularly conduct presentations and training with each centre. These face-to-face presentations are chosen by the director or educational leader depending on what the service is focussing on at the time.

These training sessions can be logged towards your Educator Recognition Program.


Our mentors are here to provide one-on-one support regardless of whether you’re still studying or have already completed your qualifications. They are here for you! They have been in your shoes and have a range of experiences in the sector.

You will be matched with a mentor depending on which centre you’re with and what stage you’re at in your learning journey. All of our mentors will help you to identify your personal and professional goals. They provide educational and developmental advice and guidance while sharing insight into their own experiences to help illustrate learning.

Our mentors aim to be honest and provide respectful, constructive feedback keeping best practices and learning experiences as their vision. We are committed to open and honest communication in our relationships.

Meet your mentors

Sasha Beirne

Sasha has worked as an Early Childhood Educator, Group Leader, Educational Leader, Assistant Director and Director, led her to a purpose within the sector: to drive awareness around the importance and impact of building relationships, developing professional resilience and becoming advocates every day for the children of Australia and beyond.

Connie Borg

Connie has over 25 years’ experience and believes that strong community involvement, support and guidance builds an educator’s capacity to drive quality sustainable practice.

Amanda Page

Amanda has a passion for advocacy of children and early years’ education and experience working in classrooms within primary schools and within the roles of ECT/Educational Leader in long-day-care with more recent experience within service management.

Bec Warr

Bec has built a rich network of relationships within the early childhood sector, leveraging her expertise in legislative and compliance requirements, investigation processes, and quality assurance to help services and the early childhood community through training, consultancy, and mentoring.

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